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Talking To Myself

Talking to yourself can be difficult. Sometimes I only hear her screaming or crying or whining and I don't know what happened, I just know they're in pain and they need help. Turning your own eyes inward and looking inside your own mind can be such a difficult chore. Our eyes are quite set on looking forward, not behind. But that's just what you need to do. You need to step outside your own body, pull the top off your own head, stick your head inside your own head, and holler down at yourself in there to ask, "What's going on?"

If you ask nicely enough they'll answer, but only if you promise not to laugh. It can take a moment for them to explain and oftentimes it won't make a lot of sense at first. But if you listen you'll gain all the information you need to know what to do, what to hand down to them, or what to say.

After doing this a few times you'll notice they'll start depending on you more. They'll start walking right up to the front door, right behind your eyes, and start crying or talking whenever they feel like it.

This can sometimes be a nuisance. You might feel inclined to lash out at them for coming unannounced right at your very doorstep and causing a ruckus. You might want to yell at them to go away, come back another time, or please, set an appointment first, as you mop up the mess they made and dab at the sudden and seemingly random tears spilling down your cheeks. But be careful not to do this.

If you do this, they might get angry and bang harder on your door, yelling incoherently and stubbornly unwilling to talk things through, or worse, they might retreat entirely, and then you'll have to go through the whole bother again of stepping outside your own body, pulling the top off your own head, sticking your head inside your own head, and apologizing in person.

Eventually, once you've become better neighbors, you might not find them bothersome at all. You might even invite them to live in your house alongside you.

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