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  • Kimber Severance

Saving Myself From Drowning

Little me is drowning

Inside my own head

I can't hear what she's saying

I must go inside instead

Slowly I step out

Of my own body and skin

To pull the top off my own head

And carefully peer in

My voice echoes in the darkness

As I ask, "Are you there?"

All I hear is water

Splashing everywhere

I don't have time to think

Before I reach inside to save her

She talks a mile a minute,

"You are my one true savior!"

Now little me is full of trust

And visits all the time

Without a knock she comes right in

She talks and cries and whines

Little me leaves quite a mess

Right behind my eyes

A flood of tears I can't explain

A chorus of thoughtful sighs

But instead of being rude

And asking her to leave

I let her come over unannounced

I let her sit and grieve

Eventually she simmers down

All her pent up knots unwound

I no longer find her troublesome

Or a burden to which I'm bound

Don't ignore your little one

Heed their cries, dive in

Save them from the drowning

So your healing can begin

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