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How to Woo Your Partner Without Breaking the Bank

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Relationships are important, but sometimes the traditional ways we woo our partners can really hurt our budget after a while.

Don't get me wrong, no one loves a classic display of romance more than I do, but the frugal romantic should remember that there are plenty of other ways to woo your soul mate on a daily basis without going into debt.

You've probably heard of love languages. Whether you believe in this particular branch of pseudoscience or not, you can use the 5 love languages to generate inexpensive ideas to show your love without hurting your wallet.

Words of Affirmation

You might not realize the power a few words can have. And they don't even have to be your own! So long as they are meaningful, and directed at the one you care about most in the world, you can win big relationship points just by giving some loving words.

  • Pass them a loving note

  • Put a card or a letter on their desk just because

  • Shoot them a heartfelt text

  • Go on a walk and talk

  • Leave them a message on the fridge

  • Leave them a voicemail they can listen to at work

  • Whisper sweet nothings in their ear

  • Give them some nice compliments

  • Send them a secret, coded message to decipher

Acts of Service

Sometimes the best way to show our love for someone is to help them out. We all need help. But some of us are better at asking for it than others. Some of us even push away others' help aggressively.

But don't let that stop you! Often these help-deniers are the ones who will be the most grateful for your insistence in lending them a hand and easing their daily burdens.

  • Do the chores they usually do

  • Get something done that has been on the to-do list a while

  • Set up a spa night at home

  • Make their favorite dinner tonight

  • Bring them breakfast in bed

  • Pack their lunch

  • Surprise them with their favorite dessert

  • Clean the inside and outside of their car

Receiving Gifts

This one might not seem like something you can do without spending money, but there are more inexpensive gifts ideas out there than you know.

Not all gifts have to be expensive. A lot of great gift ideas are inexpensive or homemade!

  • Make jewelry

  • Sew, crochet, or knit something

  • Paint or draw them something

  • Bring them their favorite take out food

  • Make them a scrapbook

Quality Time

No one can ut a price on time and there's a reason for that. Nothing says, "you are important to me" to a person more like giving them some of your time. And this demonstration of love and appreciation doesn't cost you a thing!

  • Go on a walk or hike together

  • Go swimming together

  • Watch your favorite movie or TV show together

  • Sit on the couch and have a heart to heart together

  • Bake or cook something in the kitchen together

  • Read a book together

  • Make sure to go to bed at the same time

It doesn't matter what you do, the keyword here is that whatever you do, you are doing it TOGETHER.

Physical Touch

Maybe you love physical affection or maybe you're not that into it. Either way, some good old fashion physical proximity can do wonders for your relationship.

I'm not going to list all the intimate things you can do together, (wink wink) but I will go over some unique physical touch ideas you might not have thought of yet, but still fall under this umbrella.

  • Go dancing

  • Take a self-defense class together

  • Hit the gym together

  • Practice couples yoga

  • Read each other's palms

  • Give a good foot or shoulder rub

Now that we've gone over the basics, let's talk about some other key principles of partner wooing you should be keeping in mind.

First of all, aside from the 5 love languages, there are 3 foundations of chemistry in any romantic relationship that you'll want to build and keep strong:

Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry is similar to the physical touch love language. But it also has to do with outward attraction. It generates physical desire and intimacy.

Spark up your physical chemistry by going on a fancy date night together and really dressing up for it, or by just putting more effort into your appearance in general.

This doesn't necessarily mean you have to dress up as someone else. It just means taking a little extra time to take care of yourself each day and feel and look clean, groomed, and put together.

Sometimes igniting your relationship's physical chemistry is just a matter of introducing a fun new change. Like wearing something new or different, or trying something new with your hair.

Emotional Chemistry

Your emotional chemistry with your partner creates care, affection, and trust.

You can best build your emotional chemistry with each other by sharing your emotions and finding opportunities to feel things together.

You could try reading a book together and having regular discussions about its content. You could also visit museums and historical sites together and talk about what all happened there. Movie nights can also be an easy and inexpensive way to elicit emotions from each other and experience new things without having to even leave your house!

Mental Chemistry

Mental chemistry is all about your combined intellect. It generates interest in each other and in similar topics.

Build your relationship's mental chemistry by getting informed and engaging in stimulating conversations about the things you've learned about. Your mental chemistry with your partner will grow stronger the more you are continually learning new things in your life.

This is a great opportunity to take a class or join a book club together.

Notice that all these things don't have to cost you a fortune. There are free courses you can find online and inexpensive classes you can take together at your local community centers or libraries.

But building upon your love languages and the 3 foundations of relationship chemistry aren't the only ways you can woo your spouse and strengthen your relationships without spending a dime.

Here are a few other ideas you can use to surprise your partner with a little extra love and affection:

  • Go out for ice cream and just talk in the car

  • Do things for them without asking permission first

  • Bring them a glass of water

  • Bring them dinner without asking for their help

  • Make treats you know they like

  • Stock up on something they like at the store

  • Post about them on social media

  • Make them a photo album

  • Research about the things they like and surprise them with your new knowledge

  • Get them flowers or have flowers sent to their office

  • Order them delivery while they're home alone or at work

  • Plan a surprise weekend getaway and call their boss for them about taking off that Friday

  • Make them an "I love you" playlist

  • Do something new together

In Conclusion,

It's just like Mother Teresa once said,

"Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them."

No matter how long you've been together it's never too late to start wooing your partner all over again in new and fun ways. The little efforts we make to wow each other and do a little extra can have a profound impact on our relationships, even if those little extra things are simple and completely free!

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