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  • Kimber Severance

Do I sound good?

Do I sound good?

I sit amidst a choir

One voice in a sea of sound

I drown and no one hears me

I'm a sound within a sound

Do I sound good?

I want to sound good

To be a voice that stands out

Enough to be seen

And praised and worthy

I'm afraid that I don't sound good

But still I have to try

I'll practice and pretend

Until my voice learns to burn

Like fire from the son

Will I ever sound good?

I want to want this

So badly that I think I do

For so long I live like that

Lost in lies I can't hear

I don't sound good

My voice is not a songbird's

My call has no fire

To burn the hearts

Of those that follow him

But I am not a voice for fire

I do not call the heavens down

I am a voice for water and the moon

I call only for myself and mine

Sounding good no longer matters

My voice no longer strains

Swimming lost amidst the choir

I am my own current

and I am my own voice

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