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A Girl Named Loathing

Loathing hated everyone and everything around her. She hated this life so she decided to go make another.

First, she had to start by snuffing out everything she ever once was. That wasn’t hard to do. Most of herself had been set on fire years ago anyway.

She watched her old self fizzle away and did not feel a tiny bit of remorse or grief like everyone said she would. That was another thing she hated. She hate, hate, hated all the big feelings people who weren't her had about her. They always had things to say; culturally integrated jail bars disguised as sage wisdom from the elders of her kind.

When she finally realized all of them had been lying all of this time, it was too late. Most of her life had already been blindly wasted to the collective called community. Death and rebirth were her only options now.

When she finally felt the last part of herself burn away, she blissfully relished the feeling of nothingness for the first time. She had longed so long to feel the peace of nothing. Now she finally could.

The next step was to carefully put herself back together again. This time she was more capable than she was as an infant, and she could do this part herself.

She thought for a very long time, and patiently waited for an original thought to pass by. When a little one did, she snatched it out of the air and held it closely to her bosom where the newborn flame of her newly unfettered soul could give it life.

She continued catching and growing the new parts of herself until finally, she had form again. As she ran and flew and swam and soared as her new self, she explored the sacred void where no human failings could follow, and there she made her home.

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