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About Kimber

Kimber Severance is a writer and editor from Pennsylvania. While her roots remain in the forested hills of the East Coast, she has also lived for many years in the mountainous deserts of the West Coast.

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Writing Experience

Kimber Severance has been an avid writer all her life, gaining experience writing in many mediums including novels, short stories, poems, booklets, pamphlets, webpages, articles, social media posts, video scripts, and more.

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Editing Experience

Kimber Severance also has a wide range of experience copyediting many genres including fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, historical fiction, journal articles, website content, scholarly books, self-help books, autobiographies, memoirs, and more. ​

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Kimber Severance has had the opportunity to work in many positions in the industry of words including copyeditor, substantive editor, copywriter, back ad copywriter, poetry writer, and novel writer in her free time. Her professional skills range from meticulous organization to all forms of content writing, editing, and more.  

  • Copywriting​​

  • Substantive Editing and Content Editing

  • Copyediting, Proofreading, Line Editing 

  • Organization

  • Project Management

  • Internal Communications

  • Documentation and Record Keeping 

  • Teamwork

  • Meeting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly deadlines and due dates 

  • Working alongside authors in the acquisition and editing process

  • Reviewing and choosing content for acquisitions

Writing Skills

Articles, webpages, brochures, pamphlets, informational ebooks, guest articles, press releases, social media captions, advertisement copy, transactional and marketing email content, and back advertisement copy for books. 

Writing topics include personal finance, small business finance, legal finance, taxes, community service, linguistics, personal health and wellbeing, and marketing ad copy for various companies.

Editing Skills

Marketing content, company compliance reports, company policies and procedures, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts including genres such as autobiographies, memoirs, science fiction, romance, action thrillers, fantasy, and more. 

Familiar working with multiple style guides including in-house style guides, the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), the Associated Press Stylebook (AP), the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style, the American Psychological Association (APA) Style, and Turabian Style


Kimber Severance received her bachelor's degree in English with a minor in Editing at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah. During her time at BYU, she was involved in the English Department, the English Society club, the Linguistics Department, and the International Studies Department. 

Graduated: April 2019

Major: English

Minor: Editing

Work Experience

Kimber Severance is a highly organized and detail-oriented writer and editor with 5+ years of content experience in the publishing, magazine, journal, blog, website, social media, and marketing fields. 

Internal Communications Specialist | Tosh Inc., Provo UT

January 2022 to Present

  • Worked and communicated effectively with other members of the marketing team

  • Worked and communicated effectively with other departments including compliance and product development

  • Wrote and maintained internal marketing team documentation

  • Organized marketing team documentation, file organization, and record keeping

  • Organized and maintained team project management system and processes 

  • Trained new hires on our team's systems, processes, and documentation

  • Presented semi-weekly team trainings on inclusive language, teamwork, constructive feedback, etc.

Manuscript Copyeditor | Dorrance Publishing, Pittsburgh PA

December 2020 to Present

  • Copyedited novel manuscripts for multiple genres including fiction and nonfiction and Non-Native-English-Speaking editing

  • Formatted raw manuscript files for a clean final file 

  • Wrote back ad copy for About the Author and About the Book sections

  • Met regular 4-week deadlines

Copywriter + Copyeditor | Tosh Inc., Provo UT

July 2019  to Present

  • Wrote blog articles covering topics like loans 101, personal finance, taxes 101, careers, business, and community

  • Wrote blog articles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including SEO guidelines outlined in a brief, keyword density, internal links, competitor research, and other SEO strategies

  • Wrote web pages for and published multiple websites 

  • Wrote marketing emails, internal company emails, blog highlight emails, product highlight emails, and other campaign emails for new and existing customers. 

  • Wrote social captions and graphic copy for multiple social media platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. 

  • Wrote advertisement copy for digital and traditional advertising including Google Ads, billboards, etc. 

  • Wrote video scripts and transcripts for multiple mediums including commercials, web page videos, ads, interviews, YouTube, TikTok, etc. 

  • Wrote company press releases for news outlets 

  • Copyedited content including articles, emails, social posts and stories, internal company emails, and policies and procedures

  • Met weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly deadlines and goals

  • Recorded, analyzed, and reported blog metrics

Assistant Editor | BYU Kennedy Center, Provo UT

January 2019 to April 2019

  • Assisted the Editor in Chef of the Kennedy Center for International Studies at BYU (student journals, JIOS journal, and Bridges Alumni Magazine)

  • Copyedited journal articles including Non-Native-English-Speaking editing

  • Formatted raw journal article files for a clean final file 

Copyeditor + Copywriter + Pinterest Manager | BYU LDS Insights Internship, Provo UT

January 2019 to April 2019

  • Wrote blog articles covering spiritual and uplifting topics for the LDS Insights Blog

  • Copyedited blog articles written by my fellow interns 

  • Managed the Pinterest social media account 

  • Recorded, analyzed, and reported Pinterest metrics 

  • Met daily and weekly deadlines

  • Worked closely with other teammates including writers, editors, and designers 

Assistant Staff Editor | BYU Schwa Linguistic Journal, Provo UT

January 2017 to April 2017

  • Read, analyzed, and chose article submissions (acquisitions) 

  • Copyedited accepted article submissions 

  • Worked closely with other editors and article authors

  • Met weekly and monthly deadlines

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